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Meeting Minutes: Quarterly Coalition Meeting- June 2023

June 27, 2023

HCC Meeting Minutes

June 27th, 2023



Welcome and Introductions


Steering Committee (Present) –

  1. Linda Pitt Donaldson IHHS
  2. Debbie Bullis – Sentara
  3. Mo Bowler – HRCSB
  4. Jonny Morris – HRCSB/ HCC
  5. Susannah Lepley – CWS

Introductions to Each Other and Welcoming – Joyce

Relationship Building Activity – Mo

Overview of Recent HCC Accomplishments – Joyce

  • Through the support of HRCSB and grant-funding, HCC has undergone a strategic planning process via OMNI.
  • HCC hired their first paid staff member: Jonny

Jonny’s introduction as the HCC’s “Community Engagement Specialist” and first-ever paid staff member – Jonny

HCC Website Introduction and Overview – Mo

  • Goals
  • Data
  • Organizations involved in HCC
  • Opportunities to join or engage in the HCC
  • Thanks to Estland who helped build the website

Strategic Planning Review – Linda

  • *Powerpoint will be sent out to individuals present today via Jonny*
  • The reasoning behind the name change from “Healthy Community Council” to “Healthy Community Collaborative”; “power with” – doing things with the community instead of doing things for the community.
  • Emphasis on building relationships
  • Equity at the forefront
  • Meet the hungers of the community
  • HCC Values:
    • People, Change, Impact, Learn
  • HCC’s new structure:
    • Community centered, participatory design and decisions, nimble and responsive to community needs and opportunities, reflective and adaptive
  • HCC’s Strategies:
    • Advocate with (not for..), Achieve Community-led projects, build connection, mobilize assets
  • Statement of HCC’s goals and accomplishments, 2022-2024
  • The desire for more members on the Steering Committee

Inviting nominations for new steering committee members by individuals present

Small Group Discussions – Jonny

“How can we begin building more relationships in the community?”

  • “Meeting people where they are at”
  • Focusing on more specific areas/communities
  • Providing specific care and services to neighborhoods
  • Being present in volunteer spaces
  • Community meals
  • Increasing visibility on social media
  • Be very specific with asks to the community
  • Reach out to faith-based communities for more involvement
  • Be present at other communities events that are already happening
  • More committees in the HCC to meet in smaller action groups

“Based what your groups talked about, what do you think could be our/HCC’s first steps?”

  • Having a consistent presence within different, local communities
  • Finding the community health workers as points of access
  • Engaging with initiatives, events, projects, etc. that are already happening in the community
  • Find our specific ask; “What are we asking people to join us in doing?”
  • Connect with the faith communities
  • Generating a list of community events that HCC can attend/assist with
  • Setting up action teams/subcommittees
  • Creating facebook events and pages
  • Having HCC meetings in the afternoon not 8am in the morning
  • More emphasis on “working with”


  • Next Meeting: TBD; late September
  • Poll for preference of morning meetings or midday/lunch-hours meetings: lunch hours preferred
  • Steering committee meets on first Thursday of every month
  • Follow up on nominations

Meeting adjourned 9:37am


June 27, 2023
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June 27, 2023
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